Protecting the Public is a “Deal Breaker”

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Every so often, a vote comes along that tells you all you need to know about an elected official’s core values.

Earlier this morning, the Broward County Commission narrowly rejected amendments to allow Uber drivers who don’t have a Florida driver license, as well as drivers who are ex-cons recently released from prison.

Commissioner Stacy Ritter lamented on Twitter that the rejection of the “amendment was a deal breaker for Uber”

Commissioners Chip LaMarca, Mark Bogen and Martin Kiar joined Ritter in throwing caution to the wind, and tried to allow convicted felons to control the locks and windows, and movement of your loved ones.

The fact that the most basic of public safety requirements is “a deal breaker,” should give any elected official pause about whether we want this company in our community.  I’m disappointed our elected officials would be so flippant about our safety.  It used to be that our community leaders would take their responsibility to protect the public seriously, and not buy into lobbyist’s faux “concerns about whether it’s possible” at face value.

This amendment was a ticking time bomb in our community, and I’m glad it was stopped before somebody was hurt. 

I don’t doubt for a second that Uber’s lobbying team is working overtime to find an additional vote to undermine public safety.

Stay tuned!  I’m sure you will see this odious amendment again.