Why Your Bill Sucks: 2016

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They often start off with good intentions, but all legislators turn into big government liberals when it comes to their pet issues.  Legislators just can’t help themselves.  They file thousands of bills every session.

The sheer amount of proposed changes to law got so overwhelming that the Florida House of Representatives rules were changed decades ago to attempt to limit the number of bills filed.  Some Senators, unburdened by the more conservative House’s caps, have been known to file 70+ bills per year!

House members, like children searching for Easter eggs, even scour the rules for loopholes that will allow them “extra” slots.  A few of these are serious proposals that make much needed changes in law.   Most are about as useful as requiring a Nintendo in every classroom of the state.

In an effort to showcase the plethora of “brilliant” ideas our esteemed legislators deem worthy of state intervention, Hellofla.com proudly presents our new column: “Why Your Bill Sucks”