Who Watches the Watchers?

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Al Zucaro, who operates the BocaWatch blog, is at it again. Not since Robert Welsh and his John Birch Society have I seen such paranoia about government activities. Welsh and his supporters saw Communists everywhere, and even famously accused President Eisenhower of being a “tool of the Communists.”

Fast forward 50 years and Al and his cronies are seeing “developer influence” everywhere. Yes, developers are great bogeymen of our time having defeated the Communist menace.

Weinroth stands up against bullies.
Weinroth Stands Up Against Bullies.

By using the same abusive bullying tactics and inflammatory rhetoric as the John Birch Society to get their way, this group has agitated to create a virtual civil war in our community to try to grind progress to a halt. We cannot let this small group of agitators continue to advocate for policies that will downgrade our way of life, and cause Boca Raton to slowly become dilapidated.

And now, not only has he expanded his “abusive behavior” to city staff, but he appears to be bragging about his bullying on his BocaWatch blog.

“Calling a member of City staff “arrogant” when she has taken the time to provide you with facts, not opinion, and certainly not a procedure for which she is responsible and, clearly, not the actual practice of our City is beneath your stature as a former elected official who knows how municipal government operates,” wrote Commissioner Robert Weinroth to Zucaro in an email dated August 5.

Showing no remorse for his demeaning exchange, Zucaro posted it, in full, on BocaWatch.

Twisting technicalities to conform to your position does not mean that “public participation has been thwarted.” If Al and his “say no to anything” crowd had their way, Boca would have a moratorium on construction, including redevelopment, and we would be stuck with ever increasing infrastructure that needs to be maintained and replaced.

Their vision is “if you don’t build it, they won’t come.”  Yet, Lake County tried this tactic during the housing boom of the last decade with disastrous results.  “Just saying NO” won’t stop development, it will only forfeit our ability to extract concessions from developers.

Bottom line is that NO isn’t a plan for the future. Just because you have your slice of paradise doesn’t mean our children shouldn’t have a piece also.  We need to work with those who want to invest to make our community better, and ignore those agitators who don’t contribute any constructive ideas.

Agitators and bomb throwers should be sidelined to ensure we are getting the proper concessions that will continue to make Boca Raton a great place to work and play.