Broward Raton Map Passes Senate

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A last ditch effort to retain two Palm Beach based congressional districts failed yesterday, and with it any chances that Boca Raton remains in a Palm Beach County Congressional district.

Senator Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth) proposed an amendment to the Senate Redistricting Plan, which he said would redraw districts 21 and 22.  A map of the proposed districts was not available.failed

Senator Clemens said the proposal “would split three fewer cities than the Senate plan,” however Broward legislators were firmly against the amendment that would likely return District 22 safely to their community. Republicans also argued that it lowered to 48 percent the black voting age population of nearby District 20, a minority district subject to the Voting Rights Act.

The district has flipped back and forth between counties since Clay Shaw (R-Fort Lauderdale) was defeated by Ron Klein (D-Boca Raton). Klien was in turn defeated by Broward resident (at the time) Allen West (R- Plantation) in 2010.

West abandoned the seat in 2012, and the seat returned to Palm Beach County when current U.S. Representative Lois Frankel (D- West Palm Beach) defeated former Florida House Majority Leader Adam Hasner.

Hasner is from South Palm Beach County, so it would have returned to Palm Beach County regardless of the outcome.