Neal Dunn: “Unapologetic Conservative” Sparks Grassroots Anger

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The lines haven’t even been set, but the gloves are already off in the race to challenge U.S. Rep. Gwen Grahm (D-Tallahassee) in Congressional District 2.

The Panama City News Journal recently reported that Dr. Neil Dunn introduced himself recently as an “unapologetic conservative” at his campaign kickoff, which immediately drew scorn from Republican grassroots activists across the panhandle who remembered his broad support of Obamacare and frequent donations to liberal Democrats.

Former U.S. Rep. and U.S. Senate Candidate Connie Mack, doesn’t forget Dunn’s donation to his opponent Bill Nelson (D-FL) that helped return the prominent Democrat to congress.

Grassroots Activists Take on Dr. Neil Dunn
Grassroots Activists Take on Dr. Neil Dunn

It didn’t end there:  A video started making the rounds on the internet highlighting his donations.  The video appears to be an extension of a Q&A session where he was grilled over his support for liberal Democrats.

Simultaneously, activists stood outside of the Republican Party Headquarters in Tallahassee with over-sized checks depicting the contributions that helped defeat Republicans.

If candidates can learn anything from the “Trump surge,” it’s that the voters are sick of politicians who say one thing and do another.

Voters should be sick of politicians like Neal Dunn.