Florida House Approves “Broward Raton” Map

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The Florida House of Representatives voted 76-35 earlier today to approve the congressional redistricting plan that places Boca Raton into a Broward-based district.

The map was dubbed the “Broward Raton” map, however it includes changes to districts in numerous parts of the state.

26 Democrats and nine Republicans opposed the plan, including Reps. Berman and Pafford from Palm Beach County.  The most interesting vote came from Rep. Kerner, who vowed in the Palm Beach Post to keep fighting, and the voted for the bill with no changes.

Voted Yes
Voted YES

The Palm Beach Post reported today that “the redistricting plan weakens Palm Beach County’s influence on Capitol Hill” by shifting a congressional district to Broward County, at the expense of Palm Beach.

Although the Senate is scheduled to take up a map that is different from the House version, the Senate map still places Boca Raton into a Broward County district.  According to a Senate staff report, the Senate plan only “reconfigures Congressional Districts 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, and 17 from how they had been drawn” in the House bill.  Those districts essentially cover from Orlando to Collier county, via Tampa Bay.

The changes to these districts result in a reduction of the overall number of cities split into more than one district. More importantly, the change shows that there is still more time to come to an agreement as the two chambers will have to agree on a final map.

Lawmakers began redrawing maps in special session last week, after the Florida Supreme Court ruled that eight of the current 27 congressional districts are not “Fair Districts” as defined in the state constitution.

Politico reported in July that Senators admitted that they drew illegal districts for themselves in 2012, and agreed to meet again Oct. 19 to redraw the State Senate map.