Post a Bitcoin Bounty with HelloFLA! and enlist the general public to catch your elected and appointed officials at their worst!  Read the rules below and keep your eye out for elected officials behaving badly and cash in!


Catch a legislator or elected official with a material error or omission on their Form 1 and collect $75 worth of BTC!

You no longer have to be a shady political operative or rich insider to get in on the action! Post a bounty on your self-serving Senator, cankerous Congressman, or maybe even your Mayor for as low as $5.  Keep your eye out for elected officials behaving badly or looking shabby and cash in! As the pot grows bigger, more and more people will get in on the action!  Tell your friends to chuck in a buck, and put more eyes on the prize!

Did you ever look at money in politics and think, how can I get a piece of that?!?

Well here’s your chance.  But first, the basic rules:

Rule 1: A Bounty can NOT be posted for Anything Illegal (no framing people, etc).

Rule 2: A Bounty MUST be posted on an elected or appointed public official or candidate for elected office.

Rule 3: HelloFLA! is the final arbitrator of whether a bounty’s Terms of Service are fulfilled.

Rule 4: The Terms of Service of the bounty are established in consultation with HelloFLA! by the first person to contact HelloFLA! and transfer at least $5 of Bitcoin into the separately established Wallet.  This will prevent duplication and allow similarly situated bounties to grow together.  Terms of Service may include multiple opportunities for collection and must establish those terms upfront (second event, etc).

Rule 5: A separate Bitcoin Wallet will be setup for each bounty and each Term of Service

Rule 6: Bounties shall be paid to the first person to contact HelloFLA! and meet the Terms of Service to the satisfaction of HelloFLA!

Rule 7: In no way shall the bounty be considered a contest, sweepstakes or game of chance.

It’s simple: Catch them in the act and collect the reward!