HelloFLA! is the most sensational source for political gossip, rumors and news from insiders of the nation’s most infamous state!  We offer a peek behind the curtain at the cast of characters making the important decisions in our country that you won’t find in family publications.

Our editor has been recognized by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Talking Points Memo, and other major international news outlets as having an influential impact on the 2016 United States national elections, and often has the gossip before other news outlets.

This isn’t FAKE NEWS, but sensational gossip….real stories about the shenanigans behind the scenes with our elected officials and other insiders.

We value your tips, photos and scandalous stories! (Yes, they’re talking about you to me) Don’t hesitate to email us any salacious gossip, rumors, pictures or videos of elected officials or insiders at: editor@hellofla.com

…or try our infamous, anonymous drop box!

If you are nervous about who will see your message, we offer a free encrypted message service at: HelloFLA.com/contact



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