Peter Schorsch’s New Problem

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The problem with screwing over customers that have money is that they can fight back….

Today I got a tip that the perennially-troubled, integrity-free publisher of,  Peter Schorsch, was getting roasted by the Google gods. 

A Google search of his name led to several articles that reminded people of his reported history of lying, double dealing, backstabbing, and bullying…including a paid link to an article by the “pushing rope” blog called “Peter Schorsch’s Criminal History.”

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to figure out who is behind the attacks on the man one insider said “has the integrity of North Korea and about as many enemies.”

The ads link to a story that highlights Schorsch’s past troubles with the law and in honoring his deals, including listing his criminal history.  According to puiblic records posted on the site. “Schorsch has been cited for numerous criminal and civil wrong doings over the past five (nine) years. He has nine Civil Judgments against him and two criminal arrests with time being served.”

Additionally, social engineering was used to push other negative stories about Schorsch up in the rankings.  This includes an article where the “Tampa Bay Times interviewed five people active in politics who said that Schorsch had tried to pressure them for hundreds or thousands of dollars in exchange for good stories or the deletion of bad ones on his website,” as well as a Sunshine State News Article called “The Ethically Challenged Peter Schorsh

“Peter has done this to so many people that it would be impossible to even begin to figure out the source of these Google ads,” our source suggested, before relaying their own story of how they felt burned by double-dealing after advertising this session on 

See the picture….and don’t hesitate to post your own stories about getting gored by Peter in the comments below!