Hello FLA/ November 5, 2017/ Documents, Florida Politics, Gossip, News, Politics

Today, a full blown opposition research booklet on Congressman Matt Gaetz was handed EXCLUSIVELY to HelloFLA!  The book touches on many of the low points in the Congressman’s life, including his DUI Arrest, his involvement in the deal with Odom that got Ray Sansom to resign, accusations of next feathering, as well as a biting executive summary.

The 63 page document lays out why Congressman Gaetz is a “uniquely reckless…spoiled rich brat.”

One thing that isn’t included is the clearly-not-arms length purchases of land he owned in several counties in North Florida during the campaign in 2016.  The land was purchased by his Father’s company Treveron,Inc. on June 29, 2016.  Several days later, on July 7, most of funds were loaned into his campaign account. The Congressman also sits on the board of Treveron, Inc.

Without further ado… the Gaetz Oppo – Final

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