Women’s March Founder Flounders

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They say March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb….you just didn’t realize they were talking about the Florida Women’s March!

After the election of Donald Trump, left-leaning women from around the state joined together to don their pussyhats, flex their muscle, and oppose the Trump Agenda.  Money poured in from all over the state and three South Florida women, Emma Collum, Paula Munoz, and Alexandra Taylor formed a not-for-profit to handle the funds.

According to a document circulated among women’s march leadership, local Women’s March leaders are FURIOUS about the “loose structure of WMFL policy around fundraising and collection of funds” and the dictum from Collum “that all local chapter fundraising go through the state [Emma Collum].”

[Editor’s Note: Emma and her friends do NOT appear to have registered with the Department of Agriculture as a charitable organization, as required by law, even though she is obviously engaging in fundraising.]

As Emma Collum was abandoning her pussyhat for personal political gain, Women’s March leaders from the panhandle expressed great concern “… that there would be an immediate conflict of interest with keeping track of organizational funds…”

“Given the roles and duties assigned to the Executive Director as of March 31, 2017 we believe it will be impossible to unhitch the public persona of the Executive Director in her role for Women’s March Florida, Inc with the public persona of Emma Collum as Democratic candidate for District 93 House of Representatives.To this end, the first media piece released on the the subject announced Emma Collum’s decision to run with an eye towards her role as Executive Director of Women’s March Florida, Inc. thereby conflating the two roles. Furthermore, the state Women’s March Florida, Inc. Facebook page was used to announce Emma Collum’s decision to run for office, making it appear not only that Women’s March Florida, Inc. is endorsing and supporting Emma Collum’s Democratic campaign but also that the organization is being
used to further that campaign.”

Then there’s the still lingering question of the money.  There are lingering concerns about accountability, there are concerns about following the law, and there are concerns Collum is cannibalizing their fundraising on Women’s Issues for personal partisan gain.

Local Women’s March leaders from across the state are FURIOUS at Collum for using women’s march groups to direct money into her own personal partisan campaign, as well as centralizing and cannibalizing the fund collection process.

…and before she could get traction, local leaders have dropped out over “Ethical differences.”  One former women’s march leader told me we are talking about “more than $100,000” that has been raised and is unaccounted for!

If Ms. Collum can’t follow the law, and can’t even get support among her own group, how can the residents of District 93 trust her to represent them?  We don’t need another ethically challenged candidate for office trying to capitalize on others’ hard work to get ahead.

Emma Collum needs to decide whether she wants to be a leader or a candidate, because she has failed at trying to be both.