Hello FLA/ July 25, 2017/ Documents, News, Opinion, Politics

The polls are open and it’s all hands on deck for Jose Felix Diaz to try to take him over the top in today’s primary to replace the disgraced Senator Artiles.  Every single special interest in Tallahassee seems to be in the Diaz camp for what appears to be a very tight race.   

They may be giving their sweat and treasure to Diaz, but the “people’s champion” Portilla just dominated this online poll of insiders who think he has a better shot of winning over the upstart House member. Diaz is working like he’s got ground to make up, and is also enjoying much media love over Alex Diaz de la Portilla.  But if this nonscientific poll is any indication of community sentiment, the anti-DLP vote will be split and possibly enable the retread’s return.

On the Democrats side, Annette Taddeo may actually win a primary over Ana Logan, and advance to the next round.  There’s a theory that if you’re on the ballot enough times people will think you’re an incumbent and vote for you…is that what’s at play here?!

(not a scientific poll)

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