Back from the Dead… so Soon?!?

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Those of you having to vote on the Visit Florida/Enterprise Florida Bill tomorrow may not have to look further than Representative Alex Miller to see your repercussions for defying the Speaker.  [Editor’s note: I made the mistake of taking a tipster’s word and not checking it out.  Which makes this entire story pointless but for PR for Rep. Miller’s fundraiser.  You’re welcome :)] As is usual, the fourth floor put the fear of an early finish into the doe-eyed freshmen.

Despite rumors abound about her bills being DOA, her only real punishment seems to be a nasty article from an “obnoxious,” “drunken” reality show star and member of the Governor’s posse, Jesse Biter.

The Renegade Rookie handled the vote with the grit of a of a jaded vet.  So I was shocked that the Speaker caved so quickly on his perceived threats. 

In politics, perception is reality.  Even if the Speaker didn’t vindictively vex her legislation, the perception among insiders and staff is that whoever votes against the Speaker is toast. For the Speaker to host a fundraising event so soon after the vote obliterates that perception.

With another vote coming up tomorrow, will other members look at this example and see that it’s safe for them to vote against the Speaker?  …or is Rep. Miller just actually better at all this than all you think?

I know she’s already got one Tallahassee tradition down pat:

Drink their liquor, take their donations…and kill their bill!