What’s a Haridopolos?

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With the term-limit turnover sending scores of members packing, I had to laugh this week as I heard someone facetiously ask, “What’s a Haridopolos?”

HaridopolosEven funnier was the Bill & Ted inspired answer, “A short, dead dude!”

They’re only half right…he’s still alive.

Tips flooded into HelloFLA this week as the former Senate President “made the rounds with a purpose” at Organizing Session.

We assumed that he was just checking to make sure they put his picture back up in the new chamber….facing out! But by the third tip, we decided to investigate….

“I’m hopeful that Rick Scott takes on Nelson…we need to send a good partner for Marco!  I was happy to be a surrogate for Trump/Pence during the election on radio and at rally’s” -President Mike Haridopolos

Surrogate?!? That’s what he’s running for? He’s got almost a million bucks in his pocket.

Still, he’s not got many places to go but US Senate or the cabinet. He lives smack in the middle of Bill Posey’s district, and his Congressman is an entrenched incumbent with a warchest of his own. If they decide to duke it out, it will be a nasty, bruising battle.

Eric Lynn showed us that you can move vast sums of money from Federal accounts into a “soft money” PC in Florida, and a million bucks would automatically vault him into the top tier and give him some resources to collect more money to get his message out for his CFO race. (process of elimination – he’s not an attorney, I doubt he is running for governor considering who else is in the mix, and he’s about as opposite from agriculture as you can get)

So what’s a Haridopolos?  Probably a candidate for CFO in 2018.   Now the only question is if Pat Bainter will renew his trademark…