More on Florida CD-7 (polling)

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Included in the vast trove of DCCC files are some polls that were taken around the Super Tuesday time-frame.  One poll was part of the Congressional District 7 file package, but the DCCC had two versions…and only one was marked for release:

So what was it the DCCC had to edit out of their poll before they released it?

Voters Hate Hillary (but will pick her over Trump)

The poll was edited by the DCCC to stamp out her high negatives in the district….and it worked!

Kimberly Railey, the reporter covering House races for the National Journal and other papers, reported that Clinton had a double digit lead.  She probably knew nothing about the question highlighting the infamous Clinton negatives that could ultimately cause voters to pull the lever for Trump. 

So How Bad is it for Hillary in FL-07?

Bad.  Even if everybody who claims to be unsure or have never heard of Clinton switched to the “Favorable” column, she would still be 10 points underwater!

Voters were asked “Do you have a favorable view or unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton?”

  • Favorable view of Hillary Clinton………………..   35%
  • Unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton ……………   54%
  • Never heard of Clinton or unsure …………..….    11%

Questions like this show that those “double digit leads” touted by the DCCC could evaporate rapidly if voters are reminded of why they don’t like her.

Don’t believe me?  On the state level in that same area, Florida Senate Candidate Debbie Mayfield had a 27 point lead evaporate to a statistical tie as the race neared the end.

With the candidates they have on tap down-ballot, the district is primed for a Trump surge on the Critical 1-4 corridor.