Guccifer 2.0 Strikes FL-18

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While the world was distracted by the DCCC cell phone leaks, we got our hands on the DCCC’s files from the hottest race in the state: Florida Congressional District 18, the seat Patrick Murphy vacated.

The two files, listed below, make various assessments about the candidates in the race providing background and overview.

Some items of note:

Rebecca Negron is mocked by putting “raised” in quotes when talking about her fundraising. The insinuation being that her husband did all the work.

Interesting to see what the Democrats see as vulnerabilities in their candidates:


Perkins (Primary)

  • Randy Perkins has donated $1.6 million to Republicans, including Rick Scott, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney, and he raised money for John McCain
  • Perkins only registered as a Democrat shortly before deciding to run for office
  • Perkins’ foundation, 4 Girls Foundation, has donated money to Heartbeat of Miami and Respect Life Ministry, two Florida organizations that operate crisis pregnancy centers that encourage pregnant women not to get abortions

Perkins (General)

  • Randy Perkins’ company, Ashbritt, has a history of donating to politicians and winning bids, despite charging the highest rate for its work and being accused of doing substandard work
  • Perkins’ company, Ashbritt, was awarded a $25 million contract in Broward County, but audits show that the company cheated the school board in Broward County out of nearly $800,000 dollars
  • Ashbritt accused of doing poor quality work on a profitable $500 million contract to clean up after Hurricane Katrina
  • Perkins has been sued by contractors for non-payment


  • When the housing crisis hit Florida in 2008, Chane made money as a foreclosure attorney for 13 different banks where he sued dozens of Palm Beach residents, forcing them out of their homes
  • As an attorney, Chane defended a big tobacco company that was found guilty of lying to Florida families about the dangers of smoking, and Chane fought to keep the victims from getting money they had been awarded by the courts in previous lawsuits

Finally, it’s also of note that the entire document seems skewed to Randy Perkins.

You make the decision…

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