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Most people go to Tallahassee to improve education, or to help the environment, or even to save lives. But not Careless Jeff Clemens.

Jeff doesn’t like to deal with the traffic caused by you little people. So what was his first bill when he got to Tallahassee?

A bill to require try to require folks to drive on the right and out of his way. He threw in high-minded legislative intent against road rage, but it’s clear the only road rage he was trying to soothe was his own.

So I dug a little deeper (with a simple search on the Palm Beach clerks website) and what did I find?

A SELF SERVING legislator who has received twenty (yes 2-0) traffic tickets!

Now he can’t close his eyes and make it go away…because that already earned him two additional suspensions of his driving privileges!

Now normally when I read the news, and I see politicians get traffic tickets I don’t get in a tizzy.  But what is a terrible example for our community, especially our children who are beginning to drive, is the fact that he continued to drive on the suspended license747_dat (see photo).

While he may come to justify (and legally have been charged with) not having knowledge of the suspension, he had two suspensions in a row!

The lack of respect for the laws he creates is concerning. A self serving legislator may think he’s got important places to be, and that he can ignore the suspension and drive anyway. He may even be embarrassed by having his license revoked.  But in the age of Uber there really is no excuse, and we should expect more from our elected leaders who are hypocrites at best and careless at worst.

So did Careless Jeff Clemens really not know his license was suspended, or does he just think he’s above the laws the rest of us have to abide by?

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