HelloFLA tipster: Candidate Drives Like My Grandma

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Meet Fayola Delica. Our tipster saw this candidate Florida House District 108, which encompasses most of northern Miami and Miami Shores, driving down I-595 “driving like my grandma.”

Our verified pro passed along the above photo of the candidate, who he accused going very slow in the middle lane with one line:

“I have no clue who this candidate is but she drives like my grandma in the middle lane of 595.”

So who is Fayola Delica? 

According to her campaign bio, she’s a “Business and Life Coach” and “Founder/President/CEO of Fayola Delica, LLC.”  But according to the State of Florida, her business has been dissolved for almost a year because she failed to file an annual report.

For those of you who haven’t owned a business, the only real requirement of filing your annual report is that you pay your annual business tax to the state (our tax averse legislature calls it a fee).

Seems pretty basic for a business coach, right?!?

She boasts the endorsement of State Representative Bobby DuBose (lets hope she wasn’t his business coach!) and is in a 7-way open-primary for Florida House.