Hello FLA/ April 7, 2016/ Florida Politics, Local Events, News

Judges aren’t like regular politicians. The folks in the ivory tower want someone to sign their name to a complaint and swear they have personal knowledge, an incredibly high bar…Not judges.

Based on a picture and screenshot from HelloFLA, a Complaint to the Judicial Qualifications Commission was filed against Judge Nina DiPietro, wife of former Chairman of the Broward Health hospital district David DiPietro.

Uh-Oh, now that her husband is kicked off the Health District board, 3 folks in health related industries appear to have asked for refunds!  Is this just the beginning of the end for Judge Nina?

  • 3/16/2016 Precision Diagnostic of Lake Worth at 1722 a South Congress Avenue Palm Springs, FL Business MRI Facility Refund  $-500.00
  •  3/16/2016 M R Services 1, Inc. 4310 Sheridan Street, Suite C Hollywood, FL 330210000 Business Radiology Refund  $-500.00
  •  3/16/2016 Hollywood Diagnostics Center 4224 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, FL 330210000 Business Radiology Refund  $-500.00

Donated to Judge Nina through a solicitation from her husband and Want Your Money Back?  Try our handy-dandy form!  Just sign and return to Nina DiPietro Campaign, 1313 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316: CONTRIBUTION REFUND REQUEST FORM

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