The LaMarca Mystery Deepens

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While I reported that Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca recently came into $451,764 it appeared that the money was a consulting fee from Zimmerman Advertising for his role in the no-bid backroom deal involving his employer.

But Ethics reporting forms Chip filed with Broward County indicate that Zimmerman paid Chip less than $100,000 for the entire year! In fact, none of the ethics forms that LaMarca has filed indicate where he got the money…and the deadline had passed for county outside reporting.  The report just before his net worth doubling mortgage payoff indicates Zimmerman paid LaMarca less than $26,000 (Disclosure.93015), or less than $9,000 per month.

Other reports (which can be found here:Disclosure7115 Disclosure123114 Disclosure.32115 ) indicate that Chip is claiming that the windfall didn’t come from Zimmerman.  The post mortgage-payment report (Disclosure123115) also shows no windfall from Zimmerman.

So where did LaMarca get the money? Did he “forget” to report a big payment?  What role did Chip actually play?  Did LaMarca drag his wife into this mess to hide payments?

Get your appointment applications ready…and Stay tuned!