Why your Bill Sucks Representative Ed Narin

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Won’t somebody do SOMETHING!!!

The rallying cry of crap legislation that litters our statute book.Oftentimes enacted after one attention grabbing media-hyped event, Representative Ed Narin’s bogus bill, HB 475, at least has the benefit of citing several instances over many years.

The bill sheilds the name of a witness to murder for 2 years, and even provides that the public records exemption applies to the court file.  Even to the press!

I have no clue where Rep. Narin lives, but it’s clearly not in the hood or among hillbillies. News travels fast when people don’t have much to entertain themselves.

All his bill will do is cause communities to be terrorized by round after round of Rumor Russian Roulette.

Would you rather have your innocent child die because somebody fingered them as a rat, while the real snitch is protected by law? It’s a very tough question. But one we elected lawmakers to make.

Then what happens after two years? You cut him loose and hope all goes well? Didn’t we learn anything from the Rachel Hoffmann fiasco? Cops will do anything within the law to make a case.  That’s not a knock, that’s their job.  But it’s lawmakers job to think through the laws the police are asking them to change and ensure the rights of their constituents are protected.

I get it. Even if your bill does nothing, it sends a message to the community. But your bill sends the wrong message: that some people have more rights than others.  At the least it suggests that you don’t believe that the rights afforded to each and every person in our constitution are worth protecting.

So here’s why your bill sucks. I can now say that every member who voted for this bill in committee voted to give some more constitutional rights than others.

And that is why your bill sucks.