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Despite the rosy-spin given by the press about yesterday’s Hillary Clinton event, reports┬áposted on Facebook from Broward Democratic Activists who were at the event confirm Hello FLA’s bleak assessment.

"The other half of the gym was empty"

“The other half of the gym was empty”

Die-hard Democratic Activist Joe Kreps was underwhelmed by yesterday’s event, and even declared it a “waste of time.”

Photos Kreps posted on Facebook show him standing in a sparsely populated gym, and even revealing to his friends that the half of the gym that is outside the photos was empty!

The Democratic activists broadly agreed with his and HelloFLA’s tepid assessment on Kreps’ Facebook page.

Yesterday, we asked if Clinton was having trouble in Deep Blue Broward.

Today we know that the answer- YES!

Responses from Democratic activists to Kreps' "waste of time" post

Responses from Democratic activists to Kreps’ “waste of time” post

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