Hello FLA/ August 28, 2015/ Documents, Florida Politics, Opinion

Details are beginning to emerge on the “Sheriff of Nottingham” voter data program being rolled out this weekend at the RPOF quarterly convention.

Sources tell me the new voter program will “cost county executive committees $60 per month and they will be obligated to a one year contract.”

There is no differentiation between the cost to large and small counties. So for example, Liberty, Gilchrist, Union, Jefferson, or Franklin counties will be asked to pay the same as Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Orange, Hillsborough or Duval.

Discussions are being held for rural counties to defray the cost via a grant through the state party, setting them up to have to beg the state party for the tools to do basic organizing work.

Like the Sheriff of Nottingham, the state party intends to tax the smaller counties until they are begging the Chairman for alms.

Will all the small counties get an automatic deferral?

Will favored “establishment” primary candidates and campaigns also get a “grant” to access this powerful tool freely?

Will the RPOF use this new software to exert control over parties and local committeemen who don’t fall into line?

Most importantly, how does charging local county parties help us to get Republicans elected?




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