Hello FLA/ August 20, 2015/ Florida Politics

Another version of a Congressional redistricting map passed the Florida House today without as much as a peep from Palm Beach County Representatives about keeping the community whole.

The Senate plan that passed last night was sent as an amendment to the House floor. Representative Jose Oliva, a Miami Republican proposed yet another version without changes to bring Boca Raton into Palm Beach County.  However, his new plan would keep whole Riviera Beach instead of splitting it between several districts. Sunrise in Broward County would also remain whole.

Latest House and Senate Plans Side by Side

Latest House and Senate Plans Side by Side

Debate focused on whether legislators were disenfranchising 1.5 million Floridians that have moved since the since the 2010 Census.

Representative Oliva maintained that the House must use information from the last Census. Article X, Section 8 of the Florida Constitution suggests Oliva is correct.

The provision requires the legislature to use “each decennial census, for the purpose of classifications based upon population.”

After debate, the House voted 60-38 to approve the amended map and send it back to the Senate.



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