Broward Raton?

As lawmakers gather in Tallahassee this week under court order to redraw the congressional districts, will South Palm Beach County get the short end of the stick?

Currently, Boca is drawn into Congressional District 22, which includes all of Boca Raton and a large portion of Palm Beach County.  The proposal being considered by the legislature this week shifts Boca into an appendage of a Broward based district.

In fact, the Palm Beach Daily News, also known as the “Shiny Sheet,” reported on Saturday that Palm Beach County Commissioner Steve Abrams was in Tallahassee trying to shift Boca back into a Palm Beach based district.

Rep. Dave Kerner, a Lake Worth Democrat has proposed an amendment to try keep the districts intact, however the Palm Beach Post reported that the effort “looks doomed after lawmakers signaled they are wary of doing anything seen as defying the state Supreme Court.”

The Florida Supreme Court ruled District 21 and 22 as not compliant with the “Fair Districts” that constitution requires.  In order for a district to be considered “fair” it must be compact, contiguous, and as much as possible follow political or geographic boundaries.  Since, the court has interpreted that to mean that districts should try to be contained within a single county as much as possible.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, several Broward elected officials are already starting to look at this seat.

Will Boca essentially become an appendage to a Broward based district?  Will Palm Beach County loose a member of congress?